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One of the last things you want to be doing in the winter is driving around with no heat, or driving around in the summer with no air conditioning. McDonough Radiator & Auto Electric professionals are part of a trusted community of auto specialists that can complete any job you throw at us. We can repair most types of radiators and air conditioning units. We also sell and install new units. We’ll even perform off-road radiator repairs to get you up and running as soon as possible. All of our equipment comes from its original manufacturer and they are set to factory settings so you’re getting only the best quality products from us.  Some refurbished are also available.


We specialize in repairing aluminum, copper and brass radiators. We also perform heater services such as installations and repairs.

You need to keep fuel in your car so it keeps running. If you’re having an issue with your fuel tank, you could be taking a big time risk every time you drive. You probably won’t get as much performance out of your vehicle as you did before, which can lead to other issues. Don’t wait to get this issue resolved. The experts at McDonough Radiator & Auto Repair are here to perform any services you need done to your fuel tank, including lining and coating, which will keep it from rusting. We will make sure we make your fuel tank operate as if it is brand new.

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